About Us

Photo of 2010-11 WTC Student Board

Taken at the January 2011 Student Board meeting at Virginia Theological Seminary. BACK ROW: Craig Campbell (Catholic University of America), Neil Sloan (Catholic University of America), Br. John Devaney, O.P. (Dominican House of Studies), Elizabeth Locher (Virginia Theological Seminary), Br. Dominic Bump, O.P. (Dominican House of Studies), Jessica Dennis (Washington Theological Union). FRONT ROW: Matthew Kozlowski (Virginia Theological Seminary), Andre Coles (John Leland Center for Theological Studies), Annabelle Peake (Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg), Desiree' Kameka (Wesley Theological Seminary).

This is the blog for the students of the Washington Theological Consortium, a group of seventeen seminaries and related institutions in the Washington, DC region.  We hope this blog will showcase the exciting opportunities and events occurring in the consortium and we hope you will join with us in discussion, prayer and unity.


The Washington Theological Consortium, a community of theological institutions of diverse Christian traditions, has as its mission:

  • To embody and witness more perfectly, through its diverse membership, to the unity that is ours in Christ, so that all may believe;
  • To provide an ecumenical context, within the region of the nation’s capital, for equipping leaders to serve the mission and ministry of the Church in the world;
  • To make known and provide the means for member institutions to share their rich theological and spiritual resources with students, faculties and laity;
  • To seek a deeper appreciation of other world religions and to explore, in concert with members of those faiths, values we hold in common.

Adopted: March 13, 2001

Washington Theological Consortium Board of Trustees


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